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“My success in the music industry is largely due to my knowledge of the products and my willingness to spend the time necessary to teach my customer’s how to use their new instrument purchase. After purchasing a new digital keyboard, many people find that the salesperson does not have the time to spend with them to teach them how to use their purchase. So LearnMyKeyboard was born out of the customer’s desire to understand how to use their instrument, and the lack of time or in-depth knowledge from the dealer where the instrument was purchased”. - Dave

Dave McMahan is the owner and chief product trainer at LearnMyKeyboard. With over 27 years of experience in electronic keyboard products, Dave makes learning to operate your instrument easy and fun.

Dave has taught dealer and end-user training sessions throughout the United States for several top digital keyboard manufacturers i.e., Baldwin Piano Company, General Music (GEM), Samic/Kohler and Ensoniq Corporation. Dave has attended factory training schools for Yamaha, Roland, Kawai, Korg, Emu and Peavey on the operational functions of their keyboard and recording products.

Dave has also held corporate positions with Baldwin Piano Company as a Pianovelle Product Specialist and Ensoniq Corporation in charge of International Sales & Service and worked closely with the hardware and software engineers during new product development.