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LearnMyKeyboard offers product training on digital ensemble pianos, pro keyboard workstations and arranger keyboard instruments..

A factory trained product specialist will come to your home, church or school and provide the help you need to learn the features and functions of your particular instrument.
Here are examples of what we can teach you:

· Layering & Splitting- Learn how to hear several sounds at once when you play the keyboard.

· Sequencing/Recording- Create your own songs by using the record features of your digital piano ensemble.

· MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)- Learn what MIDI is and how it allows your keyboard to be connected to your computer.

· Computer Interfacing- Download Standard MIDI Files (SMF’s) from the Internet and play them back from you digital piano.

· Custom Sound Design- Let us program custom sounds for your Church or School music programs, plays, concerts, etc. (not available on all models)

· Special Requests- We are very knowledgeable on all aspects of digital musical instruments, computers, etc. and are happy to help you with your special needs.

Training is typically limited to one hour sessions. We are willing to hold longer sessions, but have found that it is easy to become overwhelmed with information if training lasts for more than one hour.

The hourly rates are as follows:

· $60.00 for the initial one hour session

· $50.00 per hour on follow-up sessions

These rates are based on travel in the Greater Cincinnati area. An additional charge will be added to areas beyond this boundary.